Help solve the water crisis for 20,000 farmers

Support this JalTara project

Each JalTara recharge pit is a one-time investment that provides multi-generational impact for decades – enabling farmers to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

The JalTara goal for 2024 is to get to 75,000 recharge pits across 125 water-stressed villages. This will help over 20,000 farmers, their families and the lives of nearly 200,000 villagers – improving farmer livelihoods, crop yields, health of their families, education of their children, while eliminating losses from crop spoilage due to floods.

100% of all contributions from individuals go directly to farmers. You can donate for a collection of pits, for a village or even multiple villages:

  • A donation of $60 can complete 5 pits and improve the lives of about 2 farmers and their families
  • A donation of $600 can complete 50 pits and improve the lives of about 20 farmers and their families
  • A donation of $6000 can benefit an entire village and about 1500 villagers who live there

Our goal is to enable you to donate in the medium of your choice – credit cars, cryptocurrency, stock or donor advised funds.

For alternative options to donate such as Crypto, Stock, Donor Advised Funds you can go here.

Thank you for your generosity.

You can donate your crypto here

Donate Card, Bank Transfer

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